Cost of Hire

Traditional Afternoon Tea - cost of hire includes a washing-up service

Cup, Saucer, Spoon and Tea Plate                                                   1.50

Milk Jug                                                                                             0.50

Sugar Bowl with spoon or tongs                                                        0.90

Tea/Coffee Pot                                                                                  3.75

Single Tier Cake Stand with cake slice                                             3.00

Two Tier Cake Stand                                                                         3.25

Three Tier Cake Stand                                                                      3.65

Cake/Sandwich Plate                                                                        0.75

Cup Cake Stand                                                                                2.50

Preserve Pot and dish for Jam and Cream + spoon                         1.50  

Large Glass Jugs for water or Pimms                                               2.50 

Preserve Pot and Cream Dish                                                           1.50

Cake Knife and Forks                                                                        0.10 each

Cake Slice or Knife                                                                            0.50 each

Linen Napkins

Pretty Embroidered Napkins for Afternoon Tea                                 0.35 each 

Drinks Table

Double Drinks Dispenser & Tablecloth                                              20.00

Milk Bottles and Straws (includes small crate)                                  5.00 for ten

Small Glasses                                                                                   5.00 for ten

Small Decorated Jars or Vases for flowers or tea lights                   0.50 each

Bunting available free with all bookings

Dinner Party China

Dinner Plate                                                                                      1.00

Dessert/Starter Plate                                                                         0.75

Side Plate                                                                                          0.40

Small serving Platter                                                                         1.50

Large serving Platter                                                                         2.50

Tureen                                                                                               2.50

Gravy Boat                                                                                         1.00

Large Glass Bowl                                                                              1.00

Knives, Forks, Spoons and Serving Spoons                                     0.20 each